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Intex Small Family Frame Pool 2.6m x 1.6m x 0.65m 28271NP

Intex Small Family Frame Pool 2.6m x 1.6m x 0.65m 28271NP

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Create a cool oasis in your garden with the Intex Small Family Frame Pool 28271NP. This premium above-ground pool is perfect for families looking to beat the summer heat and enjoy endless hours of water fun. Whether you want to relax, swim, or splash around, this durable and easy-to-set-up pool provides the ideal solution for all your aquatic adventures.

The Intex Small Family Frame Pool features a sturdy and reliable frame construction that ensures stability and longevity. The corrosion-resistant powder-coated steel frame provides robust support, while the puncture-resistant laminated sidewalls guarantee durability and protection against wear and tear. This pool is designed to withstand regular use, making it a fantastic investment for years of enjoyable family fun.

With its generous size and spacious dimensions, the Small Family Frame Pool offers plenty of room for the whole family to enjoy. The pool has a water capacity of approximately 2282 litres, providing ample space for swimming, playing, and cooling off during hot summer days. The rectangular shape maximizes the swimming area while easily fitting into most backyard spaces.

Setting up the Intex Small Family Frame Pool is a breeze. The unique snap-together design enables quick and hassle-free assembly without the need for any tools.

For added convenience, the pool is equipped with a built-in drain valve that simplifies water drainage. Simply attach a hose to the valve, and you can easily direct the water away from the pool area, making maintenance and cleaning a breeze. This thoughtful feature saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on enjoying your pool time to the fullest.


  • Model: Intex 28271NP
  • Water Capacity: Approximately 2,282 litres
  • Pool Dimensions: 260 x 160 x 65 cm (L x W x H)
  • Frame Material: Corrosion-resistant powder-coated steel
  • Wall Material: Puncture-resistant laminated PVC
  • Quick and Easy Assembly: Tool-free snap-together design
  • Built-in Drain Valve: Effortless water drainage
  • Suitable for: Small families and backyard use
  • Recommended Age: 6 years and above
  • Ready to be filled up in approx 30 minutes

Note: Adult supervision is always recommended when using the pool, especially for children.

Transform your garden into a summer paradise with the Intex Small Family Frame Pool (model 28271NP). Jump into the refreshing water, create lasting memories, and enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Beat the heat and make a splash with this fantastic above-ground pool.

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