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Intex Seahawk 2 Inflatable Boat Review 2023

Intex Seahawk 2 Inflatable Boat Review 2023

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Embark on your next aquatic adventure with the Intex Seahawk 2 Inflatable Boat. Designed to bring comfort, durability, and excitement to your outdoor activities, this versatile boat is perfect for fishing trips, leisurely cruises, and unforgettable moments with loved ones. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Seahawk 2 is engineered to deliver an exceptional experience on the water.


Dimensions: The Seahawk 2 boasts a spacious 236 cm x 114 cm (93" x 45") size, providing ample room for up to two adults to comfortably enjoy their time on the water.

Heavy-duty Material: Built to withstand the rigors of nature, this inflatable boat is constructed with tough, puncture-resistant PVC material. Its sturdy composition ensures long-lasting durability and protection against accidental scrapes or bumps.

Maximum Weight Capacity: With a generous weight capacity of up to 235 kg, the Seahawk 2 can easily accommodate two adults, ensuring a safe and stable journey.

Inflatable Design: Setting up the Seahawk 2 is a breeze. Simply inflate the boat using the air pump and get ready for an adventure. There are three air chambers including an inner auxiliary chamber inside the main hull. When you're done, the boat deflates quickly, allowing for convenient storage and transportation.

Comfort and Stability: The inflatable I-beam floor provides enhanced stability, making your time on the water enjoyable and worry-free. The boat features two inflatable cushions to help you stay comfortable throughout your journey.

Fishing-Friendly Features: The Seahawk 2 is equipped with two built-in fishing rod holders, allowing you to effortlessly indulge in your favorite angling activities. Catching fish has never been easier!

Safety First: Safety is a top priority, and the Seahawk 2 doesn't disappoint. It comes with two oar locks and holders, enabling you to row your way through the water smoothly. Additionally, the boat is equipped with all-around grab lines for added security with heavy duty grab handles on the bow.

Accessories Included: Your purchase of the Seahawk 2 inflatable boat includes a high-output hand pump for hassle-free inflation, two 48 inch French oars, as well as a repair patch kit, ensuring you're prepared for any unforeseen mishaps.

Embark on unforgettable water adventures with the Intex Seahawk 2 Inflatable Boat. Designed to offer durability, comfort, and an exceptional user experience, this boat is the perfect companion for leisurely cruises, fishing expeditions, and creating lifelong memories. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your outdoor adventures with this exceptional inflatable boat.

Our Intex Seahawk 2 review

As an avid lover of outdoor adventures and water activities, we recently had the pleasure of experiencing the Intex Seahawk 2 inflatable boat in the stunning landscapes of the United Kingdom. We had heard great things about this boat's durability, versatility, and overall performance, so we eagerly embarked on a journey to explore the waterways of this beautiful country. In this review, we will share my first-person account of the Intex Seahawk 2, detailing its features, performance, and overall experience.

Setting the Stage:
Our adventure took place in the picturesque Lake District, famous for its mesmerizing lakes and breathtaking scenery. The serene Lake Windermere was my chosen destination to put the Intex Seahawk 2 to the test. As we arrived at the lake's edge, we couldn't help but be captivated by the tranquil ambiance that surrounded us.

Inflating and Assembling:
Setting up the Intex Seahawk 2 was a breeze, thanks to the included high-output manual hand pump. The boat's durable PVC material instilled confidence as we pumped air into the chambers, knowing it would withstand the demands of the water. The assembly process was straightforward, with the boat quickly taking shape, leaving us excited to get on the water.

Design and Features:
The Intex Seahawk 2 boasts a thoughtful design, built with safety and comfort in mind. The bright, vibrant colors not only added a touch of style but also ensured visibility from a distance. The boat's sturdy construction instilled confidence, reinforced by the heavy-duty puncture-resistant material that could withstand encounters with rocks and debris.

The spacious interior comfortably accommodated myself and my friend, and we found the inflatable seats to be surprisingly comfortable, even during long hours on the water. The oar locks securely held the included aluminum oars, allowing for smooth and efficient rowing. Additionally, the boat's inflatable floor provided extra stability and insulation against cold water.

Performance on the Water:
As we pushed the Intex Seahawk 2 onto the shimmering waters of Lake Windermere, we were impressed by its stability and buoyancy. The boat's broad beam design allowed for steady navigation, even in choppy conditions. Rowing was a breeze, thanks to the lightweight oars and responsive oar locks, allowing us to explore the lake effortlessly.

The boat's superior tracking made maneuvering between tranquil coves and narrow channels an enjoyable experience. It handled waves and wakes with ease, and I felt confident in its ability to handle the various conditions we encountered. The boat's quick inflation and deflation times proved to be incredibly convenient, allowing us to easily move between different sections of the lake and explore hidden gems.

Durability and Reliability:
Throughout our adventure, the Intex Seahawk 2 exhibited exceptional durability. The boat's robust construction provided peace of mind, knowing that it could withstand accidental scrapes and impacts. Despite encountering a few rocky areas, the boat remained resilient and never showed any signs of damage.

We appreciated the multiple air chambers, which ensured that even if one section suffered a puncture, the boat would remain afloat. This safety feature added an extra layer of confidence during our journey. The high-quality valves prevented air leakage, keeping the boat firm and stable throughout our expedition.

Our experience with the Intex Seahawk 2 in the UK was nothing short of remarkable. From the ease of assembly to its exceptional performance on the water, this inflatable boat proved to be an ideal companion for any water adventure enthusiast. Its durability, stability, and comfortable design exceeded my expectations, making for an unforgettable journey through the scenic waterways of the United Kingdom. If you're in search of an affordable and reliable inflatable boat, we highly recommend considering the Intex Seahawk 2 for your next outdoor excursion.

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