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Bestway Kahawai 10ft Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

Bestway Kahawai 10ft Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

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The Bestway Hydro‑Force Kahawai is a versatile inflatable stand‑up paddleboard that lets you navigate the water with style and grace. This river SUP is designed to handle long tours on the water, a perfect companion for exploring a river or canal.

With the best possible tracking with triple fins for direction and maneuverability, this board is the best shape for longer rides on flat water or rivers. It has the highest thickness for stability and safety and the addition of the non‑slip traction pad ensures you stay balanced even when the deck is wet. Perfect for long and safe tours on the water, suitable for use both in flat water and on a river.

Durable Construction:
Made of a drop stitch construction which offers ultimate strength and durability. This SUP holds one person up to 140kg and is ideal for a range of different water sports and activities. The surface of the board has an elastic cord for extra storage as well as a convenient deck handle to easily carry the SUP.

This stand‑up paddleboard features a large non‑slip traction pad to help you balance, and multiple convenient handles to easily carry the SUP or for grabbing during various water conditions. Three thruster fins are built into the board bottom for maneuverability and balance, because the long rubber fins have greater directionality with strong undertow. An elastic cord area also allows for portable, secure storage.

Simple Setup:
Once you are ready to use it, simply inflate the SUP with the included hand pump and you are set for a remarkable day on the water! Because it is inflatable, you can take it with you wherever you go, whether that is to the lake, ocean or river. And when you are done with it, the air valve allows you to quickly deflate the board in no time. Easily roll the Kahawai SUP back up, store it in the travel bag and be on your way.

Includes a board, a hand pump, one paddle, one carry bag, surf leash, and repair kit so you are ready to get out on the water straight away.