Colección: Match Attax 2022-3 Cards

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As you delve deeper into the tins, you'll discover the mesmerizing Relic cards, containing actual pieces of match-worn player memorabilia, creating a tangible connection between you and the players you admire. The Pro-Elite Chrome Shield cards bring a touch of elegance with their sleek design, enhancing the allure of your collection.

If you're a collector seeking brilliance, keep an eye out for the Crystal Parallels, which offer shimmering variations of your favorite cards, adding a touch of sparkle to your collection. And don't miss the Chrome Preview cards, giving you a glimpse of what's to come, creating even more excitement for future releases.

But the real golden opportunity lies within the Gold Limited Edition cards. With 25 of these rare gems inserted at random, you never know which football superstar you might be lucky enough to call your own!

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