How to inflate Intex Explorer K2 inflatable kayak

Before starting, locate a clean area free of stones or other sharp objects. Unroll your Intex K2 Explorer kayak so it is laid out flat, and locate your pump.

Use a hand or foot operated air pump to inflate the boat. Do not use high-pressure air compressors. Adults should inflate the chambers following the numerical sequence marked on the valves. It is very important to follow the numerical sequence; failure to do so will result in an improperly inflated boat. Fill each chamber until it is stiff to the touch but not hard. Use the enclosed ruler to check the main chamber for proper inflation. Make sure you do not over inflate, and fill with cold air only.

How to Use Boston Valve:

1. Double valve cap (valve lets air in, not out).
2. Quick deflation cap.
3. Unscrew Double valve cap.
4. Insert output end of air pump into valve and fill. Do not over inflate or use high pressure compressor.
5. To deflate: unscrew quick-deflation cap. CAUTION: Double valve does not operate when this cap is off. Do not unscrew this cap while boat or inflatable is in water.